GameGuardian 95.0 - Download Application File for Android APK

Video game cheats have existed for years, ever since games appeared. Some computer magazines from years ago even had their own cheats section and developed programs capable of altering certain aspects of a game to increase lives, health, money, etc. Sooner or later, this concept also had to land on Android and apps like GameGuardian allow us to play current games with all sorts of help.

Main features and functions of GameGuardian
In this app, you'll find the following list of functions and features:

It works on both Android devices and PC emulators such as BlueStacks, Droid4x, Andy, Nox or Koplayer.
Game acceleration and deceleration.
Search for both encrypted and unknown values.
Search for explicit number values.
Modify all the results at once.
Filter the results according to whether the values are higher or lower than others.
Possibility to modify the game's timing.
Customizable user interface.
Once you've found out how to use Game Guardian, you can hack games of the likes of Need for Speed No Limits or Parcheesi Star, and there will be no stopping you then.

How does this game hacking app work?
By downloading and installing the APK to your mobile device you'll be able to modify aspects such as the money you need in certain games to improve your characters or life and health points. It works as follows:

Step 1: install and run the application.
Step 2: from the list of processes choose the game you want to cheat at.
Step 3: search for the values to be modified within the game that be known, unknown or encrypted.
The closest you'll ever be to downloading a Game Cheat Engine for Android.

If you don't want to muck around with random values, you'll have to search for cheats in guides on the Internet (there are also quite a few of them on video on YouTube). However, you should know that you won't be able to modify the games without rooting your phone. That's a pity.

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